Kalmia has set a precedent for success by guiding clients through a clear
and comprehensive process.

Pre-Construction Services

Kalmia takes the time to thoughtfully and thoroughly evaluate projects upfront, developing an accurate and detailed budget, identifying value engineering opportunities, creating a robust work schedule, and assessing project feasibility.

  • Estimating

    Kalmia’s team begins each project by developing a comprehensive budget for our clients. Through discussions with the perspective client,  the design team, and  onsite visits we are able to clearly define the project scope of work and provide an accurate estimate. 

  • Value Engineering

    The project team works hand in hand with architects, engineers, and property owners during the planning phase to recommend cost-saving alternative designs, materials, and methods.

  • Scheduling

    Kalmia uses Microsoft Project to provide our clients with a thorough project schedule detailing project operations, sequencing, and duration.

  • Feasibility Studies

    Team members work closely with clients and design professionals to evaluate the technical and financial feasibility of a project based on the allocated budget, schedule, location, and materials.

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Construction Services

Kalmia deliberately composes project teams based on team members’ specific capabilities and experience. Teams consisting of a Project Manager, Assistant Project Manager, and Project Superintendent guide the client through the construction process, selecting subcontractors, holding progress meetings, and overseeing work and documentation along the way.

  • Construction Contract Documents Review

    The team meticulously reviews all provided documents before commencing work.

  • Project Schedule Development

    Schedules are set in advance of construction, then reviewed and updated at weekly progress meetings.

  • Subcontractor Selection

    Kalmia carefully selects subcontractors based on bid price, quality of workmanship and work ethic, and Kalmia’s personal relationship with or knowledge of each company.

  • Pre-Construction Client Meeting

    Before beginning construction, Kalmia meets with the design team and the client to review documents and specs, schedules, site set-up, rules and regulations, and general information.

  • Site Work Coordination

    The project team oversees the work of employees and subcontractors to ensure that the schedule and budget are adhered to and the client is completely satisfied.

  • Samples and Shop Drawing Submission

    Kalmia processes shop drawings and submissions to ensure that the correct materials, equipment, and systems are installed.

  • Weekly Progress Meetings

    Depending on the length and complexity of the project, Kalmia’s team will hold weekly or bi-weekly meetings to discuss schedules, progress, changes to work flow, and general project issues. Agendas are distributed and minutes are taken at each meeting.

  • Documentation

    Kalmia keeps complete electronic and paper records for each project, including meeting minutes, as-built drawings, approved shop drawings and submittals, maintenance and operating manuals, contact lists, project schedules, information and submittal logs, and change order log and punch lists.

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Post Construction Services

At Kalmia, projects are not considered complete until the client is fully satisfied. The project team conducts a walk-through, completes any punch list items, delivers a closeout package, and provides client systems training before a project is deemed finished.

  • Walk-Through

    Kalmia’s project team conducts a walk-through with the client and/or design team to confirm that the project has been finished according to the contract documents.

  • Punch List

    During the walk-through, items in need of completion are put on the punch list. Kalmia resolves these issues before the project is considered finished and moves into the warranty phase.

  • Closeout Package

    Upon project completion, the Kalmia team provides the client with a complete closeout package that includes permits, inspection records, warranty information, operation and maintenance information, and any additional materials as outlined by the client.

  • Client Training

    In addition to providing equipment manuals, Kalmia provides client training for all new systems that were installed.

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